L’intruse, Courant continu, Eliane, Marie-Anne et John

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Three colour prints laminated on masonite, galvanized steel frames, 1,53 x 1,53 x 0,21 each.

Process: a group of large photographs part of Follicules, an exhibition in collaboration with Nathalie Fontaine. Once body painted three friends entertained themselves in an all over painted room.

Quotation from Lucinda Catchlove:

« Rather than defining, documenting or categorizing, as photography often does, Fékété’s work is about the painterly manner of seeing, focusing on and expanding the painterly object into the photographic medium ». Cathlove, Lucinda, Hour Montreal, « It’s alive, Sofie Fékété uses the camera to find painting’s soul », Vol 5, No 20, May 15-21, 1997.