Bread and circuses

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Discovering one day an open space in an abandoned factory on Canal Lachine, 10 women and myself decided to challenge ourselves to new artwork. For a whole month and after passionate discussions on contemporary art, each one of us presented an art piece that made use of and valued the unaltered space. For my part, bread making being forever part of my domestic life, I decided to make a giant bread dough that would rise in unpredictable shapes and move around the floor. The opening night was a sensuous adventure for anyone dancing in the warm, fermented mass with the yeast scents hovering all over the place. Some people mentioned that I was wasting a lot of foodstuffs, I answered that not everyday do we have the chance to be aware of different life forms.

Special thanks : Robin Hood Flour Company and the Château Saint-Ambroise.

photo credit: Guy L’Heureux.