Dessin au poil

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All my works start with a sketch. Within the infinite ways to use drawing, this experiment meant to leave a trace of a lived experience of confinement with a male model. All in all, it testifies of my rapport to the world at a certain time and place. The model was asked not to move while I went up and down the stepladder, turning around him feverishly, absolutely contrary to studio drawing where the model moves and the artist stays put. The resulting distortions were very satisfying.

To give the drawing material consistency and add a sense of organic presence to the whole presentation, I used liquid latex and incorporated animal hair. Apart from viewing animal remains, the hair filled media was meant to instigate a form of connection to our ‘animality’. The substance was transposed on walls, windows and floor surfaces conferring even more presence to the figures while the absence of artificial light made the space even sombre.

photo credit: Guy L’Heureux.