Être humain avec chien

Plexiglas cylinders, small glass bottles, dog leash and collar, natural and synthetic fillings, approx. 1,50 x2,5 x1,50 m.


Doing one-time installation outdoors is a risky thing. Presented in the rain, the basis for this installation was the link between transparent cylindrical forms and the composition of the human body. Each recipient contained various matters that reproduced the chemical elements of a body. As the title suggests, a first group of objects stands for a human being and a second one, half the size of the first one, stands for a dog. The two sets of containers are joined with a dog leash and collar. Labelled as if in a test laboratory, the bigger shapes correspond to oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon, the smaller ones to the more or less 1% of the other chemicals while the tiny ones refer to trace elements. What will happen when standardization of the individual will lead to a loss of a sense of blame and dignity? Will we be able to socialize and continue to voice some kind of criticism? As I see the world changing, I imagine humans one day losing all introspective quality, thus each one being relegated to his or hers chemical constituents.