Je ne peux vivre sans toit

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The paintings stem from a dialogue between what was observed and felt in close communication with individuals and real life. First, I came into contact and portrayed newsboys and newsgirls from Le journal L’itinéraire, individuals who deal with socioeconomic realities of poverty or unemployment and try nevertheless to build better lives for themselves by selling a magazine. Always in a good mood, they are the perfect example of an everyday interaction with people in public spaces. Next, I asked shopkeepers in the neighbourhood to support the journal by affixing their business card that once painted, would become an iconographic element of the painting and a trace of their implication.

Sincere thanks to Pierre Tougas, Nicolas, Yvon Massicotte and Manon Fortier and to the Boutique Citrouille, Four à pain Jean Laberge et Savard opticie.

photo credit: Guy L’Heureux.