La chambre pêche

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My friend Nathalie and myself decided to have a show in her apartment located on Le Plateau in Montreal and open up the place to the public. La chambre pêche (The peach coloured room) is a tableau vivant with a young girl lying down on a bed the two days that lasted the open house. A painting on the wall, the model’s nightie and all the bedding was peach coloured with all the room tinted in a pinkish tone by a soft lightbulb. The visitors viewed the performance by looking in through the door.

Is is art? Is it real art? Where does the value of a work of art come from? Each and everyone attempted to come forth with their own definition of art. As Plato would have noted, no illusion, no imitation, but things presenting themselves as they really are or almost. The introduction of colour was meant to add a fun and poetic touch. As artist, I observe the world and trying to represent it is to show solidarity with all life around me.