Make it or break it

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October 18, 2019

An installation dealing with time and space. How can the artist catch the eye of the hypermodern individual, the individualistic King figure? Three rectangular devices mounted on metal platforms are driven by three cyclists and form a mini-caravan consisting of three-dimensional paintings. The play of scale and the associations between the painted animals and human figures serve to create an overall atmosphere of eeriness and enigma. This work has to do with experimenting outside of the gallery, asserting the presence of the artist and participating in contemporary art without giving up on painting and its formidable capacity to represent. Painting moves with the times, I believe we will forever resort to it to investigate the world around us and build collective imagery.

Make it or break it is an invitation to view ephemeral artwork and provide a looking experience as swift as a the blinking of the eye or the navigation on a cell phone. As a whole, the installation wishes to leave elusive images of sharks, jellyfish, mosquitos, hedgehogs and a crocodile combined with human beings. Stops along the way aim to reach out to the public, discuss the representations, raise the question of the close ties between people and animal world and more broadly exchange on the state of the world. 

Special thanks to: Adrien Calvez and the cyclists of Carton Plein.

photo credit: Ede Halaszy