Planisphère Anonimo, Italie? Circa 2180


A mixed media picture was inspired by the human bones I had admired in Pompeii. Like in a traditional map the compass rose imitates the classical design while the title is a projection into the future. Drawing planispheres used to be an established form of art that brought knowledge of distant places and oceans. Today, in our globalized world, they are essential to examine all parts of the world and at all scales. Maps have always played a key role in creating imaginary worlds. In Planisphère Anonimo, Italie? Circa 2180, besides the poetic effect brought by the symbolic power of nails, bones and gilded frame, my planisphere alludes to the thousands of people that topple one another on a territory through time but also intends to bring to mind images of war where the dead lay on the battlefield. I like to think that nails also suggest the metallic object that sticks into wood or flesh, so present in Christian art history.

photo credit: Atelier 80.