S’asseoir dessus ou s’en laver les mains/Sit on it

Wooden chair and footrest recovered with linen cloth, drawings of India ink, approx. 1,5 x1,5 x1,5 m.

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In my work, I inspect the body but I feel I’ve got something more to say about what the world is coming to. Some Internet images move me deeply and make me want to think about the risk of trivializing degrading images. I consider our present times to be as violent as in war time. I believe international authorities are maintained in place and act in a very underhanded way in order to have control over all human life.

To show objects differently and convert their original use is a way to captivate the spectator’s attention. This piece is best presented in a bigger space where first, the spectator can view a seemingly ordinary chair and footrest and then advance to examine it.