Ça passe ou ça casse

Considering that nowadays societal relations are less lived experiences but are more and more carried out through digital networks, I personally try to relate to the world in a direct way, seeking to capture interconnections that I sense in the life going on all around me. I let myself be absorbed by the milieu I’m in.

I voluntarily let my mind and body wander in order to let all physical and psychological fields of observation be activated. The body is meant to feel. One might argue that everything in art is about relations anyway.

Yes, but this is my way to move away from the new mass media environment, to be receptive and closer to the natural elements where I can watch Nature (including humans) unfold its processes. In doing so, my aim is to move away from preconceptions, archetypes, aesthetic principles and the perfectly standardized media images that come forth as the sole representatives of truth.

Installation works

La liberté

Every installation has within it’s development a unique transformative power that stems from the material and physical constraints around its creation. Via the multifaceted language of installation, it is not only what the artist has to show that counts but how he or she shows it. Working with installations is my way of searching for new proposals on the nature of art without ditching the thousands years old art conventions of representation as if they were no longer valid.

Each piece is conceived with an intention to act upon a space while taking into account its material and immaterial components. The best is when one can stay on the premises of the exhibition place in order to work out an installation with the visitor in mind, taking into consideration that he or she will have simultaneously an aesthetic and a spatial experience. Storing the different focal points, the visitor will build a progressive image of the viewed objects which will pave the way for his or her own personal narrative. In this lies the phenomenological potential of installation art.

Organic materials

Installation Matieres Organiques

I am constantly looking to work with natural material even when I know little about it and I am aware that it may cause anxiety. I like to think of myself as an explorer just landed on an island who is looking for the unusual and the unknown. At the same time, hand made work comforts me in my artisan nature as I wish also to give value to the arts of everyday.

Using organic matter enables me to experiment the feel of materials while augmenting the physicality of the art piece. It is not the sociocultural aspects of a particular material constructed over time that interests me but its inherent characteristics. By continuing to work with natural substances I wish to demonstrate my consideration for all life forms and overall, my process may be defined as a research on the possibilities of substances to transform.